We mentor few teams for World Robotics Olympiad. The WRO is a competition that is held across the world. Each year a different country hosts the international competition and they decide on the challenge. The challenges are pretty complex. The kids should build robots and write the software to complete this challenge. The initial competition is the Regional followed by National and then International level.
In WRO 2018, the team (RoboLectro-ACube) we mentored got the 3rd prize in the Regionals out of 31 teams. We participated in the National level which had 77 teams and secured 130 points out of 180 points.


We mentor few teams for First Lego League. Just like WRO, FLL is also a very famous competition that happens across the world. Each year is a theme is such that it inspires kids to explore, discover, inclusion and have fun.


We mentor teams for Robocup which has different challenges. Through solving these challenges, the kids step into the world of science and engineering research. One aspect of Robocup is a view that Robocup is a standard problem through which various theories, algorithms and designs can be evaluated. This allows the kids to learn the Design engineering methodology for solving the challenge.